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We are working on providing our webinar series "What The Tech!" on demand! In the meantime, check out our other collaborations. 



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Free "What The Tech" series to help organizations diagnose, support, lead, and plan. 


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Tim talking Humans + Tech out in the greater social impact space.


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There is nothing better than connecting IRL - find Tim in person at the following industry events.

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We are taking a break and revamping!

We are working on providing our webinars ON-DEMAND. Stay tuned for more details.

How To Diagnose Your Nonprofit Digital Health
  • Benefits of having an empowered tech employee
  • Learn why digital culture is important
  • Assess your nonprofit's digital health
How To Support The (Accidental) Techie At Your Nonprofit
  • You are feeling overwhelmed/frustrated/stuck in your nonprofit tech
  • Data is overwhelmingly bad
  • Don't have capacity to solve all of your problems
How, As A Leader, Do We "Lead" Nonprofit Tech?
  • Learn what responsibilities need to be delegated
  • Learn WHO to delegate work to
  • Creating responsibilities among our team
How To STOP 'Accidenting' And START Planning Your Tech
  • Understand your tech responsibilities and streamline your workflow
  • Learn how to effectively allocate your hours for maximum impact
  • Simple to use template that turns intent into action
  • Move past the overwhelm with a few simple variables



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This webinar deeply resonated with our team and helped us understand why the idea of changing one more piece of tech was so overwhelming and how to manageably chart a path forward. As we have worked through the course, our team has moved from skeptical to pleasantly surprised at how quickly we have been able to address some previously intractable problems and the consistent feedback loops that keep them involved in the process along the way.
Jennifer Owens
One Valley