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The Human Stack is a dedicated provider of human-centered technology insights, resources, and courses tailored to nonprofit organizations' unique needs. Our expert team is committed to empowering nonprofits by addressing their technology challenges and offering innovative solutions. Our comprehensive offerings equip nonprofits with the tools and knowledge to harness technology effectively, streamline their operations, and amplify their impact. Join us at The Human Stack to transform your organization's technological capabilities and fuel your mission for positive change.

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Tim's Bio V. 1

Tim Lockie has been in nonprofits and tech for over 20 years. Over the last decade, he founded Now IT Matters and The Human Stack, dedicated to helping nonprofits succeed with their technology.

As a former Salesforce MVP and Partner, Equality Partner, and Microsoft Partner, his experiences have shown him the impact of system deficiencies on organizations. That's why he is passionate about creating access to Digital Transformation for all nonprofits, regardless of size.

In 2021, Tim developed and launched Digital Guidance®, a methodology designed to move nonprofits from tech-resistant to tech-resilient and transform the nonprofit industry into a human-centered digital space.

Tim's Bio V. 2

Just a heads up, my pronouns are he/him. Now, let me give you the rundown of who I am. My name is Tim Lockie, and I am the Founder & CEO of The Human Stack. I've been around the nonprofit and tech world for over 20 years, juggling more roles than a circus performer. I'm talking volunteer, youth worker, camp counselor, music instructor, foster parent, board member, finance director, bookkeeper, recruiter, and community administrator - I've done it all! It's safe to say I've worn more hats than a hat shop. But all jokes aside, my experiences have shown me how system deficiencies can really impact an organization - from missed opportunities to damaged relationships. That's why I'm super passionate about Digital Transformation, and I believe it's something that all nonprofits can benefit from, no matter their size. And let me tell you, I'm completely obsessed with The Human Stack - it's like my version of Netflix binge-watching.

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