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That Aha Moment That Changes Everything

90% of organizations collect data, but only 40% use data to make decisions*; that fact was all it took for our Founder, Tim Lockie, to shift how he viewed technology implementation for nonprofit organizations completely, and The Human Stack was born; talk about transformation! 

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Who We Are

The Human Stack is more than just a company, but an ethos that solves technology problems through human-centered methods and mindsets for professionals, teams, and organizations ready to invest in their digital transformation.

We are a group of #socialgood professionals excited to lead this industry in a new direction—one in which tech people and companies never forget to remember the Humans these systems are built to support.

Our Human Stack

tim lockie yellow
Tim Lockie
Founder & CEO

Tim Lockie has been in nonprofits and tech for over 20 years. Over the last decade, he founded Now IT Matters and The Human Stack, dedicated to helping nonprofits succeed with their technology. Tim is passionate about creating access to Digital Transformation for all nonprofits, regardless of size.

Jenny Lockie
Chief Financial Officer

Jenny has extensive experience with nonprofits, primarily in the field of Education, which was the field she worked in until taking on Finance and HR for The Human Stack. She has a degree in Linguistics from UC Berkeley and a Master’s in Bilingual Education from San Francisco State University. When she’s not working, she enjoys talking in Spanish with her kids, reading, jogging, and taking walks with her family and dogs.

The Human Stack Headshots
Kris Rochford
Administrative Coordinator

Kris is a lifetime Montana resident with 30 years of banking experience. For three years, he enjoyed an opportunity as the VP of Lending for the Bank of St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. He came to The Human Stack because he felt like the banking industry was losing its human touch and just not that much fun anymore. He enjoys spending time with family, fishing, going to a family cabin on the continental divide, and doing anything that involves his children.

john karlo orange
John Karlo Torres
Brand Director

John Karlo is the creative powerhouse leading our brand and marketing efforts. With a keen eye for design and a talent for strategies and technology, he has significantly elevated our brand presence. His approach blends analytical thinking with creative flair, making us POP. Outside the office, John Karlo spends time exploring the city of New Orleans and the outdoors with his dog Rosé.

Shay Leonia
Community Manager

Shay Leonia is our Community Manager, making sure all of our incredible members feel seen, heard, and supported. Her "mish-mosh" background includes being a former Director of Operations at a nonprofit, owning her own music consulting business since 2017, and being a professional wedding singer each weekend.  As a music enthusiast, it doesn't take much to distract Shay with a song, but she's also open to being swayed by delicious vegan food or a cozy coffee shop.


Are We Doing It

Someone has to, and we’re uniquely qualified

We’ve seen the damage only focusing on tech creates in humans and organizations

Solving tech implementation failure has enormous upside to creating incredible change

We’re passionate about creating a brand-new human stack

We’ve made incredible progress and are leading a charge

We understand it from the weeds to the moon

It’s the right move

But most of all, we believe we’ve solved why organizations are not using their data to make decisions 

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