Tim Lockie headshot yellow background

Tim Lockie

Founder & CEO

Tim Lockie is CEO and Founder of The Human Stack and uses he/him/his pronouns. His history with the nonprofit world and technology seems to be intertwined.

Tim Lockie has been in nonprofits and tech for over 20 years. Over the last decade, he founded Now IT Matters and The Human Stack, dedicated to helping nonprofits succeed with their technology.

As a former Salesforce MVP and Partner, Salesforce.org Equality Partner, and Microsoft Partner, his experiences have shown him the impact of system deficiencies on organizations. That's why he is passionate about creating access to Digital Transformation for all nonprofits, regardless of size.

In 2021, Tim developed and launched Digital Guidance®, a methodology designed to move nonprofits from tech-resistant to tech-resilient and transform the nonprofit industry into a human-centered digital space.

He has seen system deficiencies range from missed opportunities to damaged relationships in these capacities. Tim believes that Digital Transformation is affordable and scalable with nonprofits of all sizes and is obsessed with The Human Stack. You can hear more from him and his co-host Tracy Kronzak on the Why IT Matters podcast.