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Nonprofit Tech Management Course For Accidental Techies

So you're in charge of the tech at your nonprofit. Which means there are a zillion systems, messy data is getting messier, AI is everywhere, staff are putting everything in spreadsheets, this isn't even your real job, and you don't have tech training. 

We get it. Our Nonprofit Tech Management Course is designed specifically for this you. Affordable, efficient, and suitable for any skill level, this course is platform-agnostic and focuses on the most effective solution: empowering you to manage tech. So book a call and let us tell you how we help others just like you become empowered experts at their nonprofits. 

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Sound familiar?

Everyone depends on the digital systems at your nonprofit but you see the issues every day. The data isn't accurate, your team doesn't use the right systems the right way, you aren't sure if you have the right tools, there isn't enough time to fix all the tech problems, and you weren't trained for this. Which means you treat symptoms not underlying problems.

The problem may be tech, but the solution is human. A human that can manage the tech at an organization. If this describes you, we get it. We've been there. And you are the reason we built this program.  


How One Valley Won At Tech

The tech situation at One Valley Community Foundation was dire when they reached out. A few years earlier they had implemented an enterprise CRM. An essential connector was dropped, data wasn't synchronized, so work was manually done in two systems leaving a weary and frustrated team, and a sense of trauma around their technology use. 

Instead of replacing the CRM, they enrolled in our program. Which is how Jennifer transformed from an accidental techie into an authorized expert. Today she confidently manages the same CRM and 46 other systems, maintains all the data, handles small issues internally, delegates complex problems effectively, and drives digital culture. 



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Tim Lockie

Tim Lockie has been in nonprofits and tech for over 20 years. In the last decade, he founded Now IT Matters and The Human Stack. They dedicate themselves to helping nonprofits succeed with their technology.

He is a former Salesforce MVP and Partner. He is also a Equality Partner and a Microsoft Partner. His experiences have shown him the impact of system flaws on organizations. That's why he is passionate. He wants to give all nonprofits access to Digital Transformation. It doesn't matter how small they are.

In 2021, Tim developed Digital Guidance®. It helps nonprofits go from tech-resistant to tech-resilient

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