Don't let digital hurdles hinder your mission.

Digital Health Diagnostic

Finally! An answer to "We don't know what we don't know!"

Ignorance isn't bliss—not when your leadership team can't agree on what's wrong with your tech, what to do about it, or how to talk about it. The Digital Health Diagnostic helps your team truly understand your tech challenges and digital culture and facilitates authentic conversations around next steps.


We Deliver...

Tech-Agnostic Advice

We help you understand your current situation with your current tech. Our advice doesn't push you toward our preferred solution.

Human-Centric Approach

Our service identifies your team's digital maturity and capacity. It stresses the importance of people in digital transformation.

Data Informed Insights

We explain your specific Digital Health Scores, what they mean, and why they matter. Our conversation rewrites the mindset of entire teams and unlocks the next steps.

Industry Experts

A network of experts curated from industry expertise backs our recommendations. We bring the right people from many disciplines to guide your journey.

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A Diagnostic is right if...

  • You need to evolve existing systems without creating disruption

  • You need someone to facilitate a conversation and align key stakeholders

  • You feel confident that a change must be made, but insecure about what to change or how to do it

  • You can't afford to make a move and backtrack

  • You can't tell the diffrence between different tech solutions

  • You want someone who uses plain english to say what's wrong, why, and what to do about it


Our process minimizes disruption. It offers a quick but thorough assessment. It doesn't just diagnose but starts the treatment.

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Data-Driven Decisions

We use a simple diagnostic to produce data that sets the stage. It builds trust and creates a conversational foundation. It resets the mindset of leadership teams, allowing them to stay in sync.

Beyond Technology

We see beyond technological upgrades. We focus on enhancing how your team uses technology for greater impact.


3 Easy Steps is All it Takes.

Take a journey to redefine your nonprofit's digital strategy. Do this by scheduling a free consultation with Tim Lockie. Join the ranks of many nonprofits. They have transformed their operations and technology with The Human Stack.

Success is not a possibility—it's a promise.

Dig In

Digital Health Survey and Interviews: A custom survey gathers vital insights into your technology and human factors. It covers both your infrastructure and the people at play in your organization. We will have in-depth talks with key team members. This is to ensure our findings fit your goals and aspirations.


Our industry experts use our digital health diagnostic. It uncovers deep insights beyond the obvious. It assesses your organization's digital health, including any tech trauma.


Expert Analysis & Roadmap: We will provide a detailed review of your digital health. It will lead to a tailored roadmap that champions digital maturity. The roadmap will encourage technological adaptation and growth.

Invest In Your Digital Future

Our Digital Health Diagnostic includes expert consultations and a customized roadmap. It is your first step toward a brighter, more efficient future.