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User Expectations: Good Tech Fest 2023

User Expectations: Good Tech Fest 2023

User expectations, Experience, and Emotions

Full video of the Good Tech Fest session May 2023

At The Human Stack, we often find ourselves drawing unconventional parallels to explain complex concepts. Today, we're linking the thrill of being mistaken for a rebel spy by stormtroopers at Disneyland with the daunting task nonprofit staff face when implementing a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Yes, you read that correctly, and here's why you should watch this session that illuminates this unique comparison.

This session begins with a young girl's unexpected experience at Disneyland. In her adventure, she becomes a rebel spy, which disrupts her initial expectations but leads to a feeling of genuine belonging. It's an exceptional case study in how emotions are shaped by experiences and expectations. When we are confronted with disruption - like our young heroine or a nonprofit staff facing a new CRM system - it creates a flux that challenges our comfort zone.

Theory of Change

The video goes on to delve into these disruptions, dissecting their implications in tech implementations. We discover why having a Theory of Change is crucial for coping with these disruptions. It provides a framework that guides us through the process of change, enabling us to predict possible outcomes and prepare for them accordingly.

Change Saturation

One significant concept discussed is Change Saturation, a phenomenon that occurs when too many changes happen simultaneously, creating a confusing environment. Understanding this is essential as it impacts the efficiency of tech implementations, affecting the overall productivity of an organization.


But amidst all these, one element stands out: Belonging. The key to overcoming the hurdles of digital maturity and adoption lies in cultivating a sense of belonging within the organization. Just as the young girl found belonging in her Disneyland adventure, employees must feel they are an integral part of the change process.

This talk is an insightful journey that starts with a Disneyland adventure and ends with tech implementations. It guides you through complex concepts using a captivating narrative and offers valuable insights for anyone navigating change in their organization. Check it out and you may find that it changes your understanding of digital adoption, change management, and organizational belonging.