Silence is the Voice of Oppression

Now IT Matters stands against racism. We applaud the individuals on the front lines fighting white supremacy, injustice, and oppression with words, actions, and thought. Your bravery and resilience are a testament to your grit and grace. #blacklivesmatter

The murder of George Floyd is not an isolated unfortunate incident.  Racial injustice and violence against black people in America is not new and will continue until those with power and privilege join in taking action to stop it. While this murder may have triggered recent action, the protests are a response to systematic long term racial injustice. 

Silence is the voice of oppression. If those opposed to oppression do not speak out against it, then injustice steals their voice and makes them complicit.  As CEO, I acknowledge my privilege and the cost of my silence,  am committed to equality and justice, and will use my privilege to challenge oppression.