Digital Voluntolds

Have Burning Tech Questions



*Free Consultation for nonprofits with 5 - 15 staff*

Digital Voluntolds

Have Burning Tech Questions



*Free 45-min consultations

for nonprofits with 5 - 15 staff*

Questions Digital Voluntold's Are Asking Tim 

1️⃣ Where do I start?

2️⃣ What are best practices?

3️⃣ What's the best tool for accomplishing X?

4️⃣ Is it this hard for everyone!? Why is this so hard?

5️⃣ How can we ensure the accuracy and reliability of our data?

6️⃣ How can we use our data to improve our programs and operations?

7️⃣ How can we create meaningful reports and visualizations with our data?

8️⃣ What tools or software can we use to manage and analyze our data effectively?

9️⃣ How can we analyze our data to better understand our impact and make informed decisions?

🔟 How can we budget and allocate resources effectively to support our data management efforts?

Wait a minute, can we really just ask Tim anything?

Almost, you can ask anything that is nonprofit and technology related. *[ENTER DISCLAIMER HERE] Tim does not know everything about tech, so answers are not guaranteed* 😝 Venting is also welcome.

What if I just want to talk? What if there is no answer to my question? Not all problems have solutions. So if you just need a place to unload and feel less isolated, Tim will hold space for that as well.

The Human Stack is pre-registering nonprofit Digital Voluntolds for our first, self-paced course, Digital Drivers Ed for Small Teams! The course answers all of the questions above and SO much more. 

For a limited-time special launch gift*

Tim is offering a Free Consultation to nonprofits with 5 - 15 staff where you can ask any of your nonprofit tech questions so you can begin to identify areas where you may need additional support or resources, as well as opportunities to improve your data management practices. Tim will also get the chance to ask YOU questions to understand your small nonprofit needs better.



Who is Tim Lockie anyway?

You haven't heard; Tim is blowing up on TikTok (okay, that is not quite happening yet, but it is healthy to have goals)! Tim Lockie founded and led Now IT Matters for over a decade, dedicating years to supporting nonprofits implement databases like Salesforce. Through his experiences, he has seen the impact of system deficiencies on organizations, ranging from missed opportunities to damaged relationships. A new implementation just wasn't enough for nonprofits to succeed. 

That is why in 2022, he launched The Human Stack and is deeply committed to the idea that Digital Transformation is affordable and scalable for nonprofits of all sizes. Tim may not be trending on TikTok yet, but he is highly regarded in the social good space and an expert on the human side of tech. 



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