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The Digital Health Scorecard is a self-assessment that will let you know how successful your organization is with your tech stack and your Human stack. 

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69% of nonprofits who took our Digital Health Quiz scored low on the Human Stack.


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The Human Stack℠ Online Course

Because most nonprofits lack the funding to hire consulting resources, we are creating a self-guided accessible online course and community to support the humans that foster and guide Digital Transformation. We are creating certifications for individuals to learn Digital Guidance® and for organizations to support staff development by certifying their staff. The full course and learning platform are being developed as we speak. Let us know if you are interested in an online self-guided course.

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1:1 Consulting with Tim Lockie

Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know, leaving you unprepared for the challenges that you are facing. And many times the hardest questions are the ones that don’t fit into just one box and may have significant unintended downstream consequences. Whether it’s a hard call that you need to make or quick advice on a technical hire or solution, we will help and guide you through those difficult situations.

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During the cohort, I discovered I am a Human API. As we use components (called APIs) to translate data between systems, I realized that as a Leader I am also doing the same work for the Human Stack. I translate strategy to tactical initiatives and describe to senior leadership the necessity of prioritizing and resourcing tactical, technical projects.
Rachel Kimber
Vice President | Smile Train
We're living in such a fast-moving, fast-paced world. We almost can't keep up at times for many reasons. If we let it IN, technology has so much for us to learn and connect with in order to help us (learn, grow and develop) but only if we connect as HUMANS with it. The Human Stack℠ does just that, it brings the human elements back to technology, which is sooo needed! #innovation #technologymatters #humanity #humanstack
Elana Weinstein
CEO + Founder

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The Human Stack℠ will hold its first multi-week cohort from October 25 to December 13. Want to be a part of our special certification group?

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