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There has been so much focus on technology that we have left humans behind. It's time we changed that. We are a group of #socialgood professionals excited to lead this industry in a new direction—one in which tech people and companies never forget to remember the Humans these systems are built to support.

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You Don't Have to Feel Alone

We have reached a point where technology is changing faster than humans can keep up. Understanding the tools and proper ways to manage and effectively upkeep technology is becoming increasingly difficult. Our approach places humans at the center. 


If you build it, they will come

There are a lot of great resources and communities for the #socialgood space. Our community is focused on changing how we tackle digital maturity within ourselves and our organizations. Our space is not only a place where you can learn new skills and make new connections, we are truly trying to start a movement in our industry.


Access to Industry Leaders

We are not in this alone. There are great leaders in the #techforgood space that are ready for change and are joining our human-centered mission.


Future Courses

We are creating certifications for individuals to learn Digital Guidance®! The full self-guided online course is being developed and will be available and delivered within our community in 2023.


Get Support Today

We all face many of the same challenges regarding managing tech for our organizations. Our community is a safe space to get unstuck and ask those important questions.


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