Go from tech frustrated to tech confident. Do it with our self-guided nonprofit course Digital Driver's Ed!


Digital Driver's Ed is a self-guided video course and SO much more. Give us four months. We can change how you think about nonprofit technology. This will make a real impact for your team and organization.


Hear From Nonprofit Professionals Just like You!


Step-by-Step Digital Transformation Roadmap

The course has 4 Skill Zones. They guide you through every step. You learn to understand, improve, and use your nonprofit technology.


Weekly Student Hours with Your Mentors

Get support and insights on weekly calls. The calls are with The Human Stack Founder Tim Lockie and your fellow students.


Instant Access to Our Community

Access nonprofit resources and connect with other successful nonprofit professionals managing their tech.


Transform Your Feelings of Technology Yuck Into Your Superpower

Stop feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, stuck, or lost. Learn the right mindset and methods. Use them to manage technology for your organization well. This course will:

  • Review your tech stack. Paint a clear picture of your current nonprofit tech

  • Put in place healthy data habits to increase the quality of your data month over month

  • It will give you the confidence and tools to handle any tech question. It will also help with any complaints or requests you or your team have

  • Create and foster a positive digital culture for your entire organization


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Learn with
Tim Lockie

Tim Lockie has been in nonprofits and tech for over 20 years. In the last decade, he founded Now IT Matters and The Human Stack. They dedicate themselves to helping nonprofits succeed with their technology.

He is a former Salesforce MVP and Partner. He is also a Salesforce.org Equality Partner and a Microsoft Partner. His experiences have shown him the impact of system flaws on organizations. That's why he is passionate. He wants to give all nonprofits access to Digital Transformation. It doesn't matter how small they are.

In 2021, Tim developed Digital Guidance®. It helps nonprofits go from tech-resistant to tech-resilient

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We Focus Our Course On

steady, consistent, sustainable progress


Skill Advancement

Each Skill Zone requires a set of criteria to unlock the following skill. This ensures you learn and practice healthy data behaviors. It stops you from overwhelming yourself or your team.


Shift Your Mindset

In our eyes, if you manage your nonprofit technology, you are a technologist. This course and our community help you build your tech confidence. 


Measurable Results

In just four months, we take your invisible work. We highlight the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. Then, we turn them into quality metrics.

12 Months of
Access to our



Weekly Live Student Hours

Get personalized support and feedback from The Human Stack team and fellow students. It is a shame-free zone.


Expand Your Network

Make connections and find like-minded nonprofit professionals and experts who support social good.


Real-Life Lessons

Learn from the experiences and lessons shared by a community of real nonprofit pros.

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Never feel stuck or lost again about technology. Get quick answers, tips, and best practices on any of your nonprofit tech questions.


Ever wish you had a tech expert in your pocket? Weekly Student Hours give you live support and feedback. That is basically free consulting!

Digital maturity is not a benefit it is a necessity. The Human Stack is a must-have for organizations. It ends the tech struggle by listening to the humans who are struggling.
David Norris
We're living in such a fast-moving, fast-paced world. We almost can't keep up at times for many reasons. If we let it in, technology has much to teach and connect us. It will help us learn, grow, and develop. But, only if we connect as humans with it. The Human Stack does just that, it brings the human elements back to technology, which is sooo needed!
Elana Weinstein
CEO + Founder
I see this framework as very different. It is simple (in its complexity) and practical. It gives nonprofits more capacity. It helps them break the huge barrier of keeping up with technology.
Estefanía Cardona
Centro Community Partners

Are you a digital voluntold?

Have you been voluntold to take charge of your nonprofit's tech? You've found yourself casually fixing a coworker's computer issue. Suddenly, you've become the go-to person for all things tech. You might just be a digital voluntold. They lack a formal tech background. But, digital voluntolds have a crucial role. They manage their organization's technology systems, tools, and data. The tasks of a digital voluntold include many things. They range from managing databases to setting up systems. They also involve reviewing data and fixing technical issues. These tasks can vary a lot based on the size and resources of the nonprofit.

If you are feeling seen then Digital Driver's Ed is the perfect course for you!

Are you Ready to take the Driver's Seat?

Digital Driver's Ed

Lifetime access to course including all future updates + 12-month access to community.

$550/month for 6 months

or $3,000 One-Time!

✅ On-Demand Recorded Lessons

✅ Weekly Live Student Hours with Tim Lockie

✅  1-Year Access to private community

✅ Worksheets and Templates

✅ Access to industry-wide experts

✅ The Human Stack content geared towards digital transformation for nonprofits

✅ Future access to the Digital Guidance® App (in development)



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Costs Less Than A Day of Consulting

Are you in charge of your nonprofit's data and tools? Are you overwhelmed by technology? Do you want to improve your organization's digital abilities? But, you don't have dedicated IT support? We get it, so we created the Digital Driver's Ed Course.

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